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Eadon: Microsoft’s Marketers Ripped to the Tits

Microsoft’s mobile ginger stepchild – one of several as it happens – is the Windows RT mobile operating system. This is usually confused with desktop Windows and that discombobulation has contributed to its disastrous sales. Microsoft are rumoured to be sending it to Switzerland for some suicide tourism. This means that those rare suckers that

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Windows 8.1 = Spying Machine 8.1

Reviewers of Windwos 8.1 are focussing on the wrong things. Ooh,  quoth the gullible reviewers, due to popular demand, Microsoft brough back the “Start Button”.  Bzzzzzz wrong. More on that later. The reviewers (the ones that are not mouth-breathing astroturfing Microsoft shills) would have been more wary had Windows 8.1 came with a blinking warning.

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