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Eadon: Microsoft’s Marketers Ripped to the Tits

Microsoft’s mobile ginger stepchild – one of several as it happens – is the Windows RT mobile operating system. This is usually confused with desktop Windows and that discombobulation has contributed to its disastrous sales. Microsoft are rumoured to be sending it to Switzerland for some suicide tourism. This means that those rare suckers that

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Eadon on Chess Rage, Nokia Rage and Drugs

Dark Web news. The aftermath of the druggy Silk Road site smack down (pun intended) is, of course, the appearance of a cornucopia of replacements. Some of these are run by scammers who take the (Bitcoin) money and run. Others are likely to be FBI “honey pot” traps operated by law enforcement agencies. “Silk Road”

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Eadon on Tech: Microsoft’s Alleged Assassination Of Nokia

How to beat up an iconic European mega-corp then buy it for peanuts. 1) Install your own man as Trojan Horse CEO. 2) Trojan Horse CEO makes irrational decisions and destroys profits and shareholder value. 3) Trojan Horse CEO sells you your competitor’s corpse for loose change so you can pick the pockets for precious

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