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Russell Taylor: Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty apes!

I wrote a rather long and humourless piece the other day about why the modern obsession with equality is a morally and intellectually bankrupt. To prevent it from turning into novella, I stopped short of explaining why freedom is important to we on the Right, but it’s a point worth making, if only for the

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Russell Taylor – In praise of fairness

One of the abiding frustrations of being on the political Right is finding yourself playing on the Left’s terms. Such is the state of public discourse in this country that left-wing assumptions about how the world works have become the stuff of common sense, making them difficult to contradict without looking obtuse. It’s like trying

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RentaQuill: The Death of the Magna Carta

The Death of the Magna Carta Magna Carta proclaimed 37 articles that were to be ‘kept in our Kingdom of England forever’. It may have seen a seal, not a signature, at Runnymede but take a guess how many of the original statutes still apply today… Just three. At the moment, a petty tridominium still

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