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Eadon on Tech: Microsoft’s Alleged Assassination Of Nokia

How to beat up an iconic European mega-corp then buy it for peanuts. 1) Install your own man as Trojan Horse CEO. 2) Trojan Horse CEO makes irrational decisions and destroys profits and shareholder value. 3) Trojan Horse CEO sells you your competitor’s corpse for loose change so you can pick the pockets for precious

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How the BBC blew £100 million of your licence fee

Introducing Bogpaper’s Techno Geek James Eadon Resident Bogpaper Geek, Eadon shall be reporting weekly on the dark side of techie stuff, with an emphasis on the scandalous and digital FAIL horror stories. What better horror story to start with than a BBC TECH DISASTER FROM HELL? The BBC splashed 100 million pounds on a failed

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