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Eadon: Microsoft’s Marketers Ripped to the Tits

Microsoft’s mobile ginger stepchild – one of several as it happens – is the Windows RT mobile operating system. This is usually confused with desktop Windows and that discombobulation has contributed to its disastrous sales. Microsoft are rumoured to be sending it to Switzerland for some suicide tourism. This means that those rare suckers that

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RGTyler: Bitcoin will never replace Gold

Call me old fashioned but I’m still not convinced by this Bitcoin thing. I will admit now that I was an early adopter, back in 2009, but quickly realised that it had no value and that I couldn’t spent it anywhere. And boy do I wish I hadn’t got rid of them. Simply because I

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Not even your amusing cat photos are safe….

Our resident techno geek James Eadon spells out the ugly truth of internet surveillance The American Secret Police are watching you on Facebook (and everywhere else). A journalist expressed dismay today when material they posted on Facebook was leaked to a popular magazine. The hack blamed this snivelling treachery on a FB “friend” (but didn’t

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