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Eadon: Microsoft’s Marketers Ripped to the Tits

Microsoft’s mobile ginger stepchild – one of several as it happens – is the Windows RT mobile operating system. This is usually confused with desktop Windows and that discombobulation has contributed to its disastrous sales. Microsoft are rumoured to be sending it to Switzerland for some suicide tourism. This means that those rare suckers that

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Eadon On Hold’Em Poker

Behold resident geek Eadon’s Hold’Em new Poker column Get ready for Las Vegas glam on BOGPAPER! This column is about the massively popular flavour of poker called “Texas Hold’Em”. It’s a dumb name for a smart and exciting game and on that’s much misunderstood. Who should play poker and who should avoid it? For your

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Eadon on Tech – Nerd Bling and Why the New iPhone will Make Us Go Naked

This week’s Geek Column is about the new iPhone 5S: coveted by bubble-game playing women, fashion designers and ponces everywhere. Only phones running the fugly “Windows 8 Phone” operating system are worse (and by worse, I mean infinitely worse). Geekgasm Section – ACHTUNG!! You really need to skip past the ludicrously nerdy red text! Apple’s

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