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Eadon: Mobile Wars

Forget what the self-aggrandising “Analysts” say. They are paid by corporations to feed lies (reports) to the gullible presstitutes to publish. Here are the figures of mobile traffic to Wikipedia, a much more disinterested source (of course, there is no perfect source, smoke and mirrors are everywhere). Apple iPhones and iPads: 61.78%, Android: 28.62, Other:

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Eadon: M8, Apl rds ur txts. LOLZ!

Top secret documents leaked by Edward Snowden reveal that the US Government have been monitoring the phone calls of 35 world leaders. The British Press were deeply unethical for listening in on voice mails of the rich and famous (with the exception of the leftie press, such as the Grauniad and Mirror weren’t, even though

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Eadon on Tech – Nerd Bling and Why the New iPhone will Make Us Go Naked

This week’s Geek Column is about the new iPhone 5S: coveted by bubble-game playing women, fashion designers and ponces everywhere. Only phones running the fugly “Windows 8 Phone” operating system are worse (and by worse, I mean infinitely worse). Geekgasm Section – ACHTUNG!! You really need to skip past the ludicrously nerdy red text! Apple’s

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