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Russell Taylor: Welcome to Airstrip One

Some commentators have noted that the warnings found in Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four never materialised in Britain, but that a more subtle, creeping authoritarianism has taken hold instead. Members of the political class crave power just as much as those of the Party, but they don’t express it with such ruthless intent. Their brand of

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The Austrian Way: Poll results to shock you into action

Crazies like us Bogpaper-liberty-obsessives might have worried for a while about the widespread beliefs across our nation that more of the State is the solution to society and the economy’s problems. Five years on from the Credit Crunch, amidst high energy prices and continuing dissatisfaction, we’ve just had some shocking evidence delivered to us about

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The Austrian Way: When will the financial system collapse upon itself?

Those of an Austrian economic mindset find the construction of today’s financial system unfit for purpose, flawed and guaranteed to eventual failure. You know, all that fiat money stuff, bubble economics, 30 times leveraged investment banks, global debt proliferation, proto-Keynesian print-print-and-hope economic management et cetera. If you’re thinking this way, you’ll likely see the thing

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