RGTyler: So What if Tom Daley is Gay?! He’s Just an Individual!

Tom Daley has announced this week that he’s currently in a relationship with a man. So what?! Firstly, without sounding too rude, was anyone that surprised? And more importantly than that, why should anyone really care? 2.7% of 16-24 year olds in the UK described themselves as either Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual in the last census, so its not really that big a deal.

However to me sexuality doesn’t matter. Its just another way of labelling and categorising people. And lets be honest it seems to be pretty pointless, because people don’t fit into categories that well, as much as the ‘Left and Right’ would like us to.

The left tend to do it so that they can claim social inequality and set quotas for core demographics so they get more votes. Or the right do it so that they know who to blame for the countries problems (in the firing line this month? Immigrants and Muslims). Really its quite pathetic, because they all ignore the fact that we are just individuals.

We can’t be clearly defined and labeled because we are all different. For years I wrangled with this concept of labelling, trying to work out what I am. Am I British or American? Am I Straight, Gay or Bisexual? Am I an Atheist or an Agnostic? Am I right wing or left wing? Libertarian or conservative? In the end I just settled on the idea that ‘I am’.

And in truth we all just ‘Are’. The media and politicians try to make a big thing out of people who come out as Gay, or are Atheists, or have certain political views when really they are just being individuals. They are accepting the fact that no two human beings can be the same or have the same views. A friend of mine once said that if he ever fully agreed with someone else on everything that he would “have to reassess” his views. Only recently have I started to understand that. We are all different and we should just accept that.

I suppose the only way I can end this short rant on individualism is by going back to where I started and wishin Tom Daley and his partner and happy and prosperous future.

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