BARONESS THATCHER: Don’t You Just Love Hate Crime.

I had a letter from the police today.

My local police authority, South Wales Police – and its “Crime Commissioner”, Mr Alun Michael – wrote to me asking if I would take part in a survey.

God bless the police and crime commissioners. They seem to think that people would rather pay the police service (incidentally, when did it change from being a “force” to a “service”?) to employ people to conduct surveys than, for example, have a police station open at weekends and evenings in a busy town of nearly 20,000 people.

As a quick aside, is it only me who thinks of Gotham City’s Police Commissioner, James Gordon, when someone mentions police commissioners? Yes? Just me then…

police commissioner

You may remember Police Commissioner Alun Michael from his previous career as a Labour politician.

Not only was he the unpopular candidate chosen by Blair to hold the post of the First Minister of Wales, he was instrumental in the hunting with dogs ban* and pushed for MPs not to have to produce evidence under Freedom of Information requests.

Oh, he also has history with The Telegraph and its revelations about his expenses claims. No duck ponds, but he had to repay a substantial amount back. And yet the Labour-voting idiots in South Wales voted him back in to public office.

Wales, you get the politicians you deserve.

(Another Police Commissioner springs to mind with regard his political affiliations… Dorset’s Martyn Underhill, is on record as saying that he received financial backing from Mark Constantine, the bloke from Dorset-based and Hunt Sab-friendly Lush Cosmetics. See here and here for more information.)

So, back to my survey…

A couple of things jumped out from it (which you can see here, use the code 9000 and you don’t have to submit, but you can still see it).

I always go to the back of a survey when I reply, usually because I find the pages that really annoy me.

And true to form, I found them there.

“The questions on the following page are optional, you do not have to answer, however responses will help with our research if you should provide them.

How would you describe your gender?
Prefer not to say

Do you still live in the same gender as what you were assigned at birth?
Prefer not to say”

Constant change – in this case of the change of language to Newspeak and gender-identification change.

Create a state of change and a confused population becomes easily manipulated.

Now do you see why political correctness exists?

Moving to the “Ethnic Origin” question, note how you have a box to tick if you are White British, White Welsh, White Irish, White Other. But you can’t be White English and live in Wales. Someone has to pay for Welsh Prescriptions…

Now I shall draw your attention to my major annoyance, which was the question on Page 6 of the online survey.

“Confidence In The Police

If you have been a victim of any of the following incidents in the past 12 months, please confirm whether or not you reported them:

Vehicle crime (theft of and from)
Hate crime (due to your race, religion, sexual orientation, a disability etc)
Anti-social behaviour
Criminal damage
E-crime (online fraud, theft, blackmail)
Other (please state)”

Did you see it? Have you been a victim of “hate crime”.

South Wales Police has a Hate Crime Officer. I met him once. I asked him where the Love Crime Officer was. I was concerned that the Honour Crime Officer might be mixed up with the Love Crime Officer.

There are no Love Crime Officers, or indeed, Honour Crime Officers. It would possibly be considered racist to have an officer dedicated to investigating Honour Crime.

Wait. Does that make investigating an Honour Killing a Race Hate Crime? Where will it all end? Officers will be investigating each other?

Hate Crime. If it wasn’t Thought Crime, it would fall into the normal categories of crime.

Why does a crime against a disabled person mean more than a crime against a non-disabled person? Why is it worse to have a crime committed against a person with brown skin than white skin?

Don’t believe me? Ask yourself with whom are more familiar: Kriss Donald, Charlene Downes or Steven Lawrence?

What makes Hate Crime? Easy. You have to report it as a hate crime. In fact anyone can report any crime as a hate crime and it must be investigated as such. You don’t even have to witness the incident or know the people involved to report it as a hate crime.

Now you see why I refer to Hate Crime as Thought Crime. I loathe it, but I’ll let Gene Hunt have the last word on this.

One comment on “BARONESS THATCHER: Don’t You Just Love Hate Crime.

  1. Simon Roberts
    November 30, 2013 at 9:01 am #

    It’s a necessary part of changing society to change what is and isn’t allowed in that society.

    The media propagandises the new ideas, the politicians bow to media pressure to enact laws and the police then enforce them.

    I don’t think the police are to blame here. These laws have been passed by parliament. Should they unilaterally decline to enforce them?

    Most of us should have come to the conclusion by now that the media no longer reports, but rather seeks to set the agenda.

    While we have little if any direct power over the media, we do have power over politicians.

    I have endless discussions about the extent to which the electorate is effectively disenfranchised by the homogeneity of the main political parties, but the fact remains – we do live in a democracy and if people really want change then they can vote for it.

    Sadly, they don’t seem to want to.

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