Eadon on Chess Rage, Nokia Rage and Drugs

Dark Web news. The aftermath of the druggy Silk Road site smack down (pun intended) is, of course, the appearance of a cornucopia of replacements. Some of these are run by scammers who take the (Bitcoin) money and run. Others are likely to be FBI “honey pot” traps operated by law enforcement agencies. “Silk Road” its self has apparently reincarnated. But is it legitimately illegitimate?

As Eadon has been predicting for years, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop acted exactly as if he was a Microsoft trojan horse – this conclusion (obvious to geeks) is also being reached by the media. This is especially true in Finland, which has been expressing rage.

The facts seem to be that Elop has made a tidy 25 million bucks from the sell-Nokia-To-Microsoft deal. Given that under Elop Nokia self destructed (that Nokia were doing badly before Elop is a popular myth spread by gullible Journalists) this is not such a bad reward for failure. (Or, some have argued, corruption?).

Europe gave Nokia away to the Americans for nothing. A hope is that start-ups run by ex-Nokia talent can create a new Nokia with phones that are as great as Nokia’s used to be before Nokia committed Elop-assisted suicide.

The Chess World Championship is finally underway (as I write) between existing World Champ Vishy Anand of India and challenger Magnus Carlsen from Norway. Magnus is only 22 and Vishy is twice his age. So this is the battle of generations. In the world ratings, Carlsen towers above the field, his rating is higher than even that of Kasparov’s record. Anand, the legendary reigning World Champ is past his prime, his last game against Carlsen went to the Devil, Carlsen tore him apart.

Vishy has experience on his side, not to mention home turf advantage. It will take world class talent to dislodge the old timer Tiger Of Madras from his title, but Magnus is the very epitome of chess mastery: he transcends his peers. Carlsen is arguably the strongest player in history, he is at least up there with Kasparov at his best. Ex world champ Vladimir Kramnik reckons that the World Champ is intimidated by Carlsen, so the championship will depend upon psychology as much as skill at pushing the wooden chessmen. Carlsen has a phenomenal memory, he can remember thousands of games perfectly. He is excellent at calculation and his middle and end games are his greatest strengths. His genius of end game play made chess end games “cool”: the “Carlsen Effect”.  My prediction is that Anand will crack under the pressure of playing an unstoppable chess monster.

More Geek Insanity will ensue next week.

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