RGTyler: Why the #MillionMaskMarch Failed…

“Remember, Remember the fifth of November, Gunpowder, Treason and Plot!”

The ‘Gunpowder’ was obvious this year, you could be excused for thinking you were in suburb of Damascus or Mogadishu, as the fireworks lit up the nights sky. The ‘Plot’ was simple, get a million people world wide to put on those Guy Fawkes masks and march around major cities calling for smaller government and an end to corruption and tyranny. And what was the ‘Treason’ you ask?

Well the ‘Treason’ was that in London it was the loony Labour loving Left that turned up to protest instead. They all turned up with their, sweat shop made, Guy Fawkes masks and started protesting against cuts and austerity. They went on about defending the BBC whilst at the same time criticising them for not covering their little socialist romp . And why is this Treason? Well the rest of the world was protesting against big Government. In America protestors stood outside of the Federal Reserve building and started chanting Ron Paul’s famous “End the Fed” line. Whilst others convened outside of the White House and started protesting agains the Obama Administrations endless spying and wars with such gems as “Make Profits not War”. So you can probably see why it’s quite hypocritical of the London protest to be calling for more Government…

"Hands off our NHS!" "Cut War not Welfare!"

“Hands off our NHS!”
“Cut War not Welfare!”

And if you needed any more evidence of their hypocrisy you need look no further than the people who were in attendance last night. Champagne Socialist Owen Jones made an appearance. Can you get more Statist than a man who announces his intention to Ban anything he doesn’t agree with at every turn. Or who calls for the Rich to pay more Tax whilst everyone else lives off the State.

Or how about Russell Brand… The “Comedian” who called for Britain to become a socialist state  on Newsnight, and in the New Statesman, the other week. I don’t see him as being very anti-establishment or inclined to shrink the state. In fact what he was advocating in his New Statesman piece was nothing short of a Soviet Style Politburo with unelected heads of Government. Doesn’t really tow the line of “End Corruption and the State” does it…

Arch Statist Russell Brand at #MillionMaskMarch

Arch Statist Russell Brand at #MillionMaskMarch

If we’re following the Anonymous slogan of “Us vs Them” these people seem to want to make “Them” much bigger and more powerful.

What’s more is that when you confront the advocates of this movement on Twitter you get very vague responses. I asked what their common ideology was and they seemed to struggle with this.

Photo taken by Owen Jones

Photo taken by Owen Jones

“It’s a show of force!” One of them said.

“It’s about attacking Corporations” Another said, no doubt sending it from their iPhone.

“But surely the NHS and BBC are Corporations that try to influence legislation and Government?” I responded… No clear response. Instead they chose to dance around the questions.

When I asked the same question to the US protestors I got a much clearer response. “We’re here because our Government won’t listen and tries to take our rights.”

And thats what people should be protesting about. Not about some deluded idea that the NHS is a basic human right but that principles such as the Free Press are under attack. Or that our recovery is being hamstringed by Trade Unions and Lobbying Groups that refuse to accept much needed reform (Free Market Reform). If the Problem is a bloated state what makes these people think that More Statism is the solution? Who knows… But what we do know is that this protest didn’t do much for their cause.

8 comments on “RGTyler: Why the #MillionMaskMarch Failed…

  1. silverminer
    November 7, 2013 at 1:09 pm #

    You’re right. All very disappointing. I guess, looking on the bright side, the people are starting to work out something is very wrong, if not yet exactly what the problem is.

    What’s required is a cause that can unite everyone. Expose the fraudulent way that money is created, i.e. private banks issuing the public currency and lending it back to us at interest, then you have a cause that left and right can unite around.

    The power to create money out of nothing and direct where it initially flows is what enables the power elites to stay on top and keeps the masses on the debt treadmill. It is also what allows the State to grow beyond what the tax base can reasonably support. This is the key to to all. Expose it.

    • Simon Roberts
      November 7, 2013 at 1:17 pm #

      Yes. I remember that I was horrified when I learned about Fractional Reserve Banking. Profits are one thing, but creating money out of thin air and charging interest to lend it out is something that almost everyone would find disgusting.

      The danger is though that people would confuse this with capitalism and go off down the socialist route.

    • Anthem
      November 7, 2013 at 3:43 pm #

      the people are starting to work out something is very wrong, if not yet exactly what the problem is.

      I got this impression when watching the Russell Brand interview. A lot of what he was saying was absolutely correct. Unfortunately, his “solutions” were piss-poor.

      I still think that people are getting confused with all this crony capitalism, protectionism and downright political corruption and thinking that “it’s all money’s fault” and if we were to do away with the “capitalist” elements, then everything would be hunkydory.

      It’s head-bangingly frustrating that people believe that what they’re seeing is capitalism at work.

      • Honey Badger
        November 7, 2013 at 4:15 pm #

        To make capitalism work for you then you need to have capital (or the means to gain it for yourself from your own endeavours). This newly acquired capital then needs to be put to work (i.e. invested or saved) to get a return and as a beneficial coincidence create jobs.

        If you are a deluded socialist (deluded because socialism has failed every time it has been tried) or an otherwise ignorant member of the population then this is if no interest to you. Why? Because you are so far in debt paying off the goods you bought on credit that capitalism is never going to work for you.

        If you are one of these people then you want everything given to you without having to put any effort into getting it for yourself.

        No wonder they want more government because those idiots have been giving-out “free” money, houses and cars etc for decades.

        I genuinely cannot wait until we have a buyers’ strike for Gilts and the Bank of England can no longer monetise our debts. That is when the gravy train will hit the buffers and those idiots will likely fold like cardboard.

    • Honey Badger
      November 7, 2013 at 4:21 pm #

      By the way, sorry to hijack your blog (it was thought-provoking and well researched – thanks!) but is Kevin Marx writing for the DT? It made me laugh anyway.

      “To refuse to obey the rulings of the European court could lead to international “anarchy”, according to the sensible, knowledgeable and highly principled Attorney General, Dominic Grieve.”


  2. Anonymous
    November 7, 2013 at 2:17 pm #

    Given the vague and sporadic ideology that is inherent in Anonymous & it’s followers, anyone will be hard pressed to find rhyme or reason in these protests.

    This was not about politics, it was about Anonymous.

    The attendees of these protests are clearly not contributors or regular participants in the Anonymous movements, which exists primarily as a cyber hacktivist group. What we witnessed was largely a show of solidarity with the movement. The disenfranchisement with government represented by these supporters was a hate soup of individual gripes with their respective governments. We can all agree that 99% of protests are not outcome driven, so I’m not entirely sure why the ‘point’ of a protest is ever up for discussion. There is no point to me telling my girlfriend that I love here, nor is there a point me telling David Cameron that he is an arsehole.

    Regardless, this event will as ever be prayed upon by political commentators highlighting the hypocrisies and ironies like it’s going out of fashion…or actually making a point. This is business is usual and a trivial sport none the less.The grandiose dissection by the right political ‘column tank’, however lulz, is good practice for any budding political rag columnist. I commend you.

    Anonymous believe in displays of power. This was a display of power. A handful of cyber hacktivists, besides taking down a handful of important websites, annoying Scientology and making epileptics fall of their chairs, commanded its horde of soldiers across the globe. The protests were just a bit of fun, but they happened to be one of the most coordinated protests in history.

    The only tangible effect on British politics is the evident growing momentum in the popularity of vigilantism, revolution and social and political evolution. Whistleblowing is in vogue, Lulzsec in court, Russell Brand is crowned Che Guevara and Paxman his eunuch.

    In summary, most of what you say is correct if not missing the point slightly. British politics is indeed politics as usual.

    More importantly, Anonymous has already taken stock and moved on.

    • Anthem
      November 7, 2013 at 4:32 pm #

      Get to the point, dude.

  3. therealguyfaux
    November 8, 2013 at 1:41 pm #

    OJ Simpleton and Jesus H. Brand “luvz dem sumdat Anonymous,” and all their “anarchistic” poseurism, and stand in solidarity with them, wearing “Guy” masks produced in Chinese sweatshops most likely.

    But it’s Yanks who can’t appreciate irony, right?

    Although everyone and their pet monkeys in America is now convinced that President Obama has lied through his teeth repeatedly about Obamacare, whilst having promised the most transparent Administration in history– this on the heels of several cock-ups followed by cover-ups which have become so obvious, even the Leftie MSM has a hard time reporting much of this with a straight face.

    Mote-and-beam time, folks.

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