Eadon: Mobile Wars

Forget what the self-aggrandising “Analysts” say. They are paid by corporations to feed lies (reports) to the gullible presstitutes to publish. Here are the figures of mobile traffic to Wikipedia, a much more disinterested source (of course, there is no perfect source, smoke and mirrors are everywhere).

  • Apple iPhones and iPads: 61.78%,
  • Android: 28.62,
  • Other: 6.9%
  • Blackberry: 1.59
  • Windows Mobile: 1.11

In terms of numbers of devices sold, as opposed to internet traffic, Android is the winner, mainly because Androids are cheaper and Android kit is roughly as good as Apple kit, with pros and cons on each side.

It is remarkable that, despite throwing billions at mobile R&D and marketing, let alone buying Nokia, Microsoft can only garner a single sale for every hundred mobile devices. MS destroyed Nokia and for what? (Cough*Patents*cough).

Apple, Microsoft, Sony, RIM and various patent trolls are battling Android. But they are not competing by making a better product that people want. That’s crazy talk. They buy patents and use them as weapons of mass financial destruction. They let slip the legal dogs of war to attack Android manufacturers over IP (essentially, imaginary property). This is (yet) another example of how the patents system is dysfunctional beyond all reasonable doubt. This legal bullshit means that all phones (and all products in general) end up being more expensive for everybody, as the consumer ultimately covers the cost of the legal cases and ongoing “royalty” payments.

Worse, this isn’t just about corporate dinosaurs snapping at one another. How can the small guy hope to compete with corporate and patent troll lawyers suing them at every turn? The whole intellectual property system has been corrupted and subverted into a protection and extortion racket.

More Geek Insanity will ensure next week.

2 comments on “Eadon: Mobile Wars

  1. Jabba the Cat
    November 2, 2013 at 1:34 pm #

    “MS destroyed Nokia and for what? ”

    Nokia pretty much destroyed itself. Go and read Andrew Orlowski at El Reg, as he’s been chronicling the demise of Nokia over the years…

  2. James Eadon
    November 2, 2013 at 7:12 pm #

    Jabba, thanks for commenting. If I may be a bit harsh, but I mean it in a friendly way. One problem with your hypothesis is that Orlowski has been talking out of his *ss for years. He’s done nothing but try to shill Nokia Lumias for years with glowing reviews of Nokia’s mediocre and deeply unpopular Windows Phone products.

    Another issue is that Nokia insiders have shown that the Nokia was doomed argument is a fallacy.

    On the other hand you are right that Nokia destroyed itself but not in the way that you or Orlowski say. They destroyed themselves by installing a exec who had just left the Microsoft board. He asset stripped the company and handed it over to Microsoft on a plate.

    See http://communities-dominate.blogs.com/brands/2012/10/the-there-pillars-of-nokia-strategy-have-all-failed-why-nokia-must-fire-ceo-elop-now.html

    On a slightly different topic, this is cool – an open phone

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