RGTyler: My Cabinet Reshuffle… Who made the Team?

Reshuffle has been the talk of the week. Whos in and whos been cut out. So I thought I would do my own little reshuffle and put in some real politicians with real answers. Here’s my Cabinet.



Chancellor of the Exchequer: Steve Baker: The MP for High Wycombe since 2010 is an outspoken supporter of Sound monetary systems and the abolition of the Central Banking system. He has also been a long term supporter of balanced budgets. Anyone who stands on those platforms can be in my Cabinet.

Home Secretary: Dan Hannan: Okay so he may be an MEP but he could easily run for Westminster politics which is why he’s in my cabinet. His ideas of localism and constitutional change would make him a valuable member of the cabinet. And with the Home Office absorbing most of the smaller ministries in my cabinet I reckon he could do a lot of good for the country.

Foreign Secretary: Syed Kamall: Again he may be an MEP but he would make a great MP and possibly even Minister as well. He has a fair amount of expertise in the field of Foreign Affairs both through his time in the European Parliament and through his time in Financial Services/ Analysis. 

Defence: Rory Stewart: Another member of the famous A list from the 2010 intake. He’s probably best suited for the position of Defence Secretary as he has a wealth of experience in the field. Just read his books about the Iraq war and his role as Governor post the 2003 invasion. He too is a man who likes to be sensible with his money and would know where and when to cut.

Business: Adam Afriyie: Okay so he may have misjudged the support he had for his amendment on the EU referendum this weekend but I still admire him. The MP for Windsor was first elected in 2005 but before that had a wealth of experience in the world of business running a host of computing firms. Business is his domain and thats why I have stuck him here. Afriyie himself is also a very charismatic and well spoken man which kind of helps when working with the UKs top Businesses.

Health: Anna Soubry: Admittedly I don’t know that much about her but from what I’ve seen/read she seems like a good candidate to take over the department of health. She has often spoken about NHS reforms being needed and about the need to legalise Marijuana. 

Education: Michael Gove: The only minister I would I keep the same within the cabinet. He has done a good job with the Free Schools movement and I think he could do a lot more given more time. 

Party Chairman: Douglas Carswell: Lets be honest, he is by far one of the best constituency MPs around. It would almost be worth moving to Clacton just to have him around. He gets party chairman because he has the expertise and the ideas to modernise the party. Open Primaries, E-Memberships and Direct Democracy are all sound ideas that need to be implemented within the party ASAP.

Leader of the House of Lords: Lord Norton of Louth: A very sound Tory peer. Also an expert on the UK constitution and the history of the British constitution. He would make a great leader of the Lords. 


And that is the make up of my cabinet reshuffle/Dream Team Cabinet. I’d be interested in hearing who you would have in your cabinet and may even revisit this with a list built up by our readers so leave a comment and tell me who you would put where. Or alternatively send me a message on Twitter: @RGTyler.

6 comments on “RGTyler: My Cabinet Reshuffle… Who made the Team?

  1. silverminer
    October 8, 2013 at 7:59 pm #

    Why do we need a department for business, education or health? Governments know shaft all about the first and the second and third should surely be dealt with at a local level.

    The rest seem like a decent selection if you got rid of the twat at no. 10…

  2. Anthem
    October 8, 2013 at 10:03 pm #

    Meh… Guy Fawkes had a better idea.

  3. Rocco
    October 8, 2013 at 10:22 pm #

    Here’s my dream team:

    Chancellor – n/a

    Home sec – n/a

    Foreign sec – n/a

    Defence – n/a

    Education – n/a

    Health – n/a

    Business – n/a

    PM – n/a

    Etc, etc, etc.

    Well, you get the idea, I’m sure.

  4. Old Sailor Man of Oz
    October 9, 2013 at 5:02 am #

    Who’s your PM?

  5. kevinsmith2013
    October 9, 2013 at 6:38 am #

    Rocco, understand the sentiment, but for now we are stuck with one shower of shite government or another, so if we must have these positions for now, we need the best of whats on offer.

    What about John Redwood? Liam Fox? David Davies? IDS seems to have some good intentions at least, and Owen Patterson.

    I would rid the entire government of all pro-EU politicians, but then i’m biased, so Kenneth Clarke would go, and any MP who has ever attended a Bilderberg meeting.

    Not voted Tory for several years now. Its only like a turkey voting for Christmas, but UKIP maybe offer some hope, IF they are the real deal, and I have my doubts!

  6. jdseanjd
    October 12, 2013 at 12:15 pm #

    For several years now, I’ve spoiled my voting paper by writing clearly “None of the lying, thieving incompetents” to emphasise the poor quality of candidate available.

    The Tory party? Dead & doesn’t know it, as Peter Hitchens says. Down to 134,000 members in the country? More interested in gay marriage than sound money? Set to double in 5 years to £1.4 billion, the £7 billion debt that labour built in 11 years? Not to mention the off balance sheet debts of PFI & state pensions that are the elephant in the room. Put the little people through Austerity & still double the debt?

    Not any Tory party I can recognise.

    & I won’t bother discussing the other incompetents, not good for my blood pressure.

    I’m going to give UKIP a shot.

    Nigel Farage will get up & tell the EU parliament what’s what.

    Lord Christopher Monckton, Maggie Thatcher’s policy adviser, is also guiding Farage. He knows about the central banksters/crony corporate’s UN Agenda 21 scheme, & the global warming/ climate change scam. So there’s a dose of reality & perhaps a ray of hope, perhaps only.

    Personally I see us living now in a post democratic EU dictatorship run by the EU Commission, a non elected body of bureaucrats, which drafts the EU (& therefore our) laws for the EU Parliament to glance at & rubberstamp.

    I also see our world as post capitalist. Under capitalism weak companies fail, the best bits regroup & start again. When banks are deemed too big to fail you know we have gone beyond capitalism into a central bankster/crony corporatist

    In this light I view our political system as a shipwreck, & discussions of individual politicians as shifting deckchairs on our Titanic of a country/world heading for WW III in Syria, unless Russia stands firm, & for one world governance if the anti-democratic EU has it’s way.

    We live in interesting times.

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