Baroness Thatcher : Two Minutes Hate

When Lady Thatcher died, I didn’t hold a street party. Neither did I hear Carol and Mark Thatcher tell people that they could not discuss their mother.

I encourage those who wish to discuss her politics and her thoughts. She was a woman who made history. Her policies shaped the world. Her private life moulded her children and her decisions. Respect the woman in death, but question everything that shaped her life.

Here’s Ed Miliband respecting Lady Thatcher.

Ralph Miliband was not just the father of the Labour Party leader. He was a renowned Marxist in his own right. He was an academic, moving in the same circles as Eric Hobsbawm, whose opinion, on domestic and international matters, was both sought and courted. He was also an important historical figure. It is right that his politics and thoughts are examined, questioned and brought to the attention of the British people too.

But this fact is being overshadowed by the fascist behaviour of the left wing. Instead of seeing the opportunity presented by the Daily Mail article to discuss the man and sell his ideas to the greater public, Ed Miliband seems to have sold the idea of his offence to his attack dogs to run with the baton of offence. Now we have hundreds of leftists such as Sunny Hundal who, amongst others, has been intimidating businesses in a poor attempt to stop them advertising in The Mail. The other little glint of left wing hypocrisy is Owen Jones, who wanted to raise his own army of Redshirts to protest outside the home of the editor of the newspaper. The hypocrisy of this particular bit of fascism is double barrelled too, given the additional faux outrage being screamed by the leftists who keep on bringing up the support by the Mail’s then owner, of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party 80 years ago.

The irony of criticising a Fascist political organisation and then displaying signs of fascist behaviour in trying to raise a hate mob because they disagreed with someone’s opinion completely passes them by.

If Ed Miliband, who aspires to be the Prime Minister, is incapable of handling some criticism and bad press, then I suggest that he is in the wrong job.

Marxism hates Britain. When the people of Britain realise that Britain is quietly, under the direction of Cultural Marxism slipping down the road to communism, then the people of Britain will hate Marxism.

It is not my intention to reel off the tools used by Cultural Marxists at this point. If you are unaware of them, look them up. It does require the people to be mediocre; dumbed down and easily manipulated. They should submit to the control of the state. To keep people poor, one must feed them more benefits. (The Ian Duncan Smith Hatred that flows daily from so called liberal media and the left wing attack dogs yapping at his ankles are evidence of this). The Left know that Cultural Marxism has been in place long enough that they can use the people that they already control to distract from the Labour Party policy vacuum and the Conservative Party Conference. It’s worked, hasn’t it…

A quick perusal at the Twitter hashtags around this whole affair revealed an astonishing mix of utter hatred for the right wing and The Daily Mail coming from people mainly on the left, but some on the right and those without any conscious political leaning.

Like Lady Thatcher’s death, when hundreds of people had parties to celebrate the passing of the first female Prime Minister, the fascist behaviour demonstrated during the Miliband Snr non news story seeks to illustrate that Cultural Marxism is here. Welcome, dear readers, to your weekly 2 minutes Hate. Please take a seat. You will soon be directed to the next target for you to attack.

2 minutes hate

Marxism Hates Britain. I will not apologise for saying this. Lady Thatcher knew. So should you.

“I am convinced that there is little force left in the Marxist stimulus to revolution. Its impetus is petering out as the practical failures of the doctrine become more obvious…What is left is a technique of subversion and a collection of catch-phrases. The former is still dangerous. Like terrorism, it is a menace that needs to be fought whenever it occurs.”

Margaret Thatcher, December 1979.

8 comments on “Baroness Thatcher : Two Minutes Hate

  1. andyL
    October 4, 2013 at 8:24 am #

    Why attack Ralph Milliband now? Because this is political manoevring. With the election not that far away in the future, the Daily Mail has decided to try to goad Red Ed into hopefully throwing his toys out of his pram and giving up writing in that paper. The last thing the Daily Mail wants is to give him a soap box that he can use in a right wing paper as the election looms. So far it hasn’t worked but Labour are very good at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory so give it time…..

    • Rocco
      October 4, 2013 at 8:50 am #

      Perhaps, Andy.
      But I think this is more to do with Leveson worship and the attack on press freedom. Notice that Miliband is calling for the Mail to examine it’s “culture and practices”. (And of course, if they don’t do this voluntarily, then maybe the State should ‘encourage’ them to volunteer).

      Also, “aah, that Ed Miliband really loves his Dad! Maybe he’s alright after all.”

  2. dr
    October 4, 2013 at 9:05 am #

    I think that initially Ed Milliband was probably offended by the Mail’s story.
    I also think that they didn’t clarfiy the statement about Ralph Miliband “hating Britain” very well. Originally they wrote as if it was something he had believed throughout his life, but later they wrote an article stating that Ralph’s hating of Britain was their opinion based on their understanding of his political views.
    I think that now there has been the unfortunate incident of a Mail on Sunday reporter attending a private Milliband family gathering, that Ed is now choosing to exploit the situation.
    I think that he wants to make it look like the Mail is out of control, to show that the press has not learned from the NOTW hacking problems.
    Hence when he gets to power in 2015 (which I suspect he will) he can use these events to set aside Leveson, and choose full state control of the press, with a dedicated select comittee overseeing a strong super-regulator, to ensure that all articles written in our newspapers are of a high quality and of an appropriate nature in order to complement and harmonise correctly with British culture.
    I find it interesting that Ed Milliband has not, as far as I know, decided to take this matter to the Press Complaints Commission. He said in his open letter that he did not intend to do this because the PCC was discredited, but by not involving them, they have no chance to show if they can do anything, or to produce some sort of judgement or opinion. Clearly if they came down for Ed and against the Mail on Sunday then this could “shoot Ed Milliband’s fox” and it seems to me that he wouldn’t want that.

  3. silverminer
    October 4, 2013 at 9:22 am #

    This is why the “Leftist” anti-racism attack dogs have been unleashed on UKIP by their union paymasters. The cultural Marxists have spotted a rapidly growing collection of people from all walks of life uniting under the UKIP banner who aren’t going to be cowed by their poisonous agenda of political correctness.

    It’s not just Labour though. Yesterday we watched a Pakistani, immigrant, small business man defending UKIP, of which he is now a leading figure, against accusations of racism from that pompous prick Heseltine. I wonder if dear Michael realises how foolish he now looks? Perhaps he should have come along to the UKIP conference when members gave Amjad Bashir the longest standing ovation of any of the speakers except Farage?

  4. David
    October 4, 2013 at 4:10 pm #

    “Marxism Hates Britain…”

    This is the nub of the matter though. And for Marxism you may as well substitute socialism, or simply as the Daily Mail means it the Labour party.

    So what is being argued is that unless you lean to the ‘right’ and show unstinting support for the institutions that make up Britain, and thier behaviour – you hate Britain.
    So until you have a country rid of these dissenters – there will be no freedom.

    You are not allowed to read Karl Marx and think “mmm, there is something in that” without hating Britain.

    And therefore if you vote Labour you hate Britain.

    The stupidity of this argument is the heart of the matter, not wether you can agree or disagree with dead peoples opinions or not.

    Even Harold Harmsworth did not ‘hate Britain’ even though he fled to Bermuda during the blitz.

    The only Britain anyone could hate was one that dissalowed any political opinion on the grounds that it did not express unstinting ‘love’ for ‘Britain’ – whatever that means.

  5. john lord
    October 4, 2013 at 9:53 pm #

    “no free speech for fascists” probably best leftist catch phrase.

  6. Simon Roberts
    October 5, 2013 at 6:48 am #

    The problem with the Mail’s story wasn’t that they investigated Miliband’s father – that became legitimate the moment Miliband started saying in speeches that his father was an influence on his personal politics.

    The problem was that the emphasis on his hating Britain. Yes, he was a Marxist. Yes, Marxists hate freedom, Yes, Britain has a tradition of freedom. But these do not necessarily add up to a hatred of Britain.

    Having said that, this faux outrage is just Miliband positioning himself. Anyone who remembers Foot, Kinnock, Benn etc will recall that they spent their time blaming the “tory press” for their own failures.

    Kinnock was a ghastly yobbo in the worst tradition of trade union thuggery. You can still see this for yourself in the Youtube clips that exist. Pure emotion, no facts, no solutions, seething hatred.

    There’s a fascinating speech he gave in Wales which is still, incredibly, considered to have been one of his “best” in which he rants about unemployment and education on a level that would embarrass a sixteen year old.

    The man was completely unsuitable for government and the electorate made sure it never happened. Needless to say, it was the fault of the “tory press”.

    All Miliband is doing is playing to the gallery on a familiar Labour bugbear, softening the blow (for himself) should Labout lose the next election and preparing the excuses for the economic disaster that will come if Labour do get into power.


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