RGTyler: Leftie Video Games!

Its fair to say that I have spent a large chunk of my holiday sat in front of screens. Not just blogging but playing games. Yes I am a gamer, you can add me on Steam if you want. However I’ve reached a heart-breaking realisation in the process. There’s a left wing bias in the Video Games.

Yes I know it’s sad. No longer can we rule the world without being told what to do by the IMF. Or play god without being asked to look at the moral implications. Or build cities without being forced into alternate energy and giving in to the whims of the Unions.

Well maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. Not all games have been tainted by the lefts agenda. Only a few of the big games produced by the bigger companies/publishers. Unfortunately these are games played by the largest numbers of people. Anyway here is a pick of some of the worst examples of this bias. They show how narrow minded and sometimes ignorant of facts the left can be when they desperately try to indoctrinate the next generation towards their cause.

In one of my favourite games, Civilizations 5, once you progress through the ages and develop enough technologies you can chose to adopt an ideology. Order (Communism), Autocracy (Fascism) or Freedom (Democracy). Naturally I always follow the Freedom tree. However once you start to develop the freedom tree you discover it’s not so free after all. Trade Unions and State Provided Healthcare. It might as well be the same as the Communist faction. But this isn’t the first time this game series has showed a leftie tendency. Its predecessor forced players to adopt “Ecology” (Eco-Loonacy) as the most evolved form of Government.

Another great example of the left wing bias in some video games is in the Sim City series where Wind Power is apparently the cheapest and most reliable way of powering an entire city or the fact that people become unhappy when you build Nuclear power plants or Coal Stations. Of course its also impossible to privatise anything when it comes to managing the city.

This next one is more of painful one for any true Austrian Economist. Victoria II the Grand Strategy game set in the Post Napoleonic world so naturally the rise of socialism is inevitable.  However that’s not the worst of it. I can live with the calls to set up central banks and free healthcare but I can’t live with the fact that Von Miese and Frederick Hayek are classed as ‘Keynesian’ economists… Now that is a low blow.

Anyway those are the best examples of the worst bias in the video games industry. However some games are very much anti left. For example this gem of a game series that I fell in love with. Tropico!  A game in which you play as the Presidente of a Banana Republic in the Caribbean. The game itself is effectively one long satirical commentary on the State of South American politics and the rest of the worlds view of it.

For example kindly American Ambassador Crane will try and extort money out of you by saying that America is charging smaller nations a “Freedom Tax” and that if you don’t accept the US will push Tropico up the “to Bomb” list.

Or there is the great bit of dialogue, on the radio station that plays throughout the game, if you chose to build a wind farm. The female presenter who is meant to be a comical take on feminist eco-loons will talk about how the wind farm was built on top of a field that had the rarest animals on the island removing their homes before quickly adding what a great thing wind farms are.

It’s games like Tropico and the GTA series that also gives the lefties the two finger salute that ruin the subtlety placed leftie ideas in video games. Think of these games as the Nigel Farage and James Delingpole of the video game world. Charging on to the market and destroying all of the hard work of the left with a nice dose of realism.

In my view we need more games that make fun of the lefts agenda and of the growing state. Other wise we may be stuck with a generation of gamers who think that the Green Movement is a good idea and the social justice comes from the state. However the Indie games market has recently started to grow so there is yet hope especially if more games like this come on to the market with the soul purpose of taking the piss out of the state.

10 comments on “RGTyler: Leftie Video Games!

  1. David
    September 19, 2013 at 4:22 pm #

    You are joking of course? How can you possibly say there is a left wing bias in video games? All you have done is cherry pick and hope no one will notice since readers probably wont be savvy.

    Gaming reflects the world and you can entertain yourself by dancing, pretending to be a Wizard, driving cars, helping pink blobs to survive a hostile world of fluff – or – blowing people away. C.O.D is a hugely popular online franchise, as is Halo, Battlefield, etc First person shooters are plentiful and all of them are pretty much amoral, apolitical and many allow you to be the bad guy. G.T.A is just one of a number of ‘sandbox’ type games that allow you to run amok in a world of crime, see Saints Row etc. I bet you spend little time with your headset on a console chatting mainly to Americans playing these games – the popular ones away from adult P.C market (‘ as in computer’, not ‘correctness’) Look at the typical gamer profile, listen to the conversations. Left wing bias!?
    If you think this is another stick to beat libtards with, then whats with the sensationalist Daily Mail article by your great leader? You gotta pay the bills I guess.
    I guess that last accusation of hypocrisy will earn me moderatoin….

    • Kevin T
      September 19, 2013 at 6:10 pm #

      Methinks you spend too much time at Comment Is Free if you assume any off-message comment will get deleted.

      Oddly GTA has a fair bit of a left wing bias, at least in its satire. It makes fun of people who believe in the 2nd amendment and in driving gas guzzling cars (despite the fact that if you choose to cycle and do without guns, you couldn’t complete very many of its missions!), all the right wing politicians are crazed idiots and it’s very anti-police, military and church.

      There is an increasing amount of left wing politics in games. Bioshock is th emost prominent example. Even the 1st person shooter games tend to avoid muslim villains, even though just about every modern war (and plausible threat) involves muslims. The Russians (white and right wing) are the preferred villain, even though Russia has done nothing to us.

      • David
        September 19, 2013 at 6:53 pm #

        Yeah all fair points. I’m not sure ‘left wing’ is the best way to characterise some of the attitudes though. Avoiding muslims is a conscious thing – to avoid ‘offence’ and make a profit. I just don’t think it is a useful ‘stick’ as outlined in the original post. And for what it is worth, I don’t think many people who move in ‘polite’ society – Guardian or Telegraph readers alike – really know what the hardcore shooter based on-line environment is really like. I’m not making moral judgements here, just saying people can be naive.

    • Rocco
      September 19, 2013 at 8:17 pm #

      David, you’re the David and M.G from the bag article, yeah? Dude, I’m sorry. I’ve misjudged you haven’t I? I thought you were just some lefty taking the piss, but I get it now. You’re not a lefty, you’re a gamer. So you’re pissed off, and rightly so, about all the ridiculous Daily Mail/Fox News “games make children kill”, “ban these sick games!” bullshit.
      I get it, man. Every time some dickhead shoots someone, or a young lad gets kicked out of school – video games get blamed. And its been like that for 20 years. And its complete nonsense.
      So, David, once again I apologise.
      To answer your question properly, I’m in favour of abolishing all censorship of consensual pornography. However, if a private enterprise wishes to not have such material on its premises, then that is their right. That is, I’ve no problem with the CO-OP refusing to sell lads mags.

    • Hilton Gray
      September 20, 2013 at 10:42 am #

      Erm no he’s not. Personally I’ve lost count of the number of FPS games where the “terrorists” are right wing parties, in fact I don’t think I can name a single game where the “terorists” are ecco loons or animal rights thugs or the black panthers, etc, etc. Even GTA IV had the sceane where the lead character, an African American is breated, for objecting to his sister being invovled with a Latino, and gets called a racist. In World of Tanks we nearly had a map called Belogorsk-19!! A Soviet death camp, FFS! It was only changed when it was pointed out to Wargaming.Net that their game may well be banned in countries like Fance.

      • David
        September 20, 2013 at 4:08 pm #

        Actually, yeah, this is part of my annoyance…

        “…all the ridiculous Daily Mail/Fox News “games make children kill”, “ban these sick games!” bullshit.”

        Guess who just wrote one of those?..then in a volte face champions the opposite – play these things to annoy lefties. Then you get replies on here from people with some knowledge pointing out that actually maybe GTA is “left wing” after all…Gawd.

        My fault for being suckered into a blog run by a professional sensationalist hit and run journo.

      • Rocco
        September 20, 2013 at 4:32 pm #

        Fair enough, David.
        But if you’re attracted to Libertarianism, it’d be daft to let something like this put you off.

  2. JL
    September 20, 2013 at 12:04 pm #

    In Sid Meier’s Civilization II the communism government type is described as being the best for large sprawling empires because it eliminates corruption. Isn’t that cute?

  3. jazz606
    September 21, 2013 at 10:20 am #

    “……..Its fair to say that I have spent a large chunk of my holiday sat in front of screens…….”

    I think that should be it’s fair to say that I have spent a large chunk of my holiday sitting in front of screens

  4. thealternativetheory
    September 21, 2013 at 7:21 pm #

    Saying Victoria II has a left-wing bias because of an improperly named tech is a little strange…it’s probably the least left-biased game I’ve played in a long time. If it were made by the makers of Civilization or Sim City you’d have people bleating at you about how evil you are for colonizing Africa, but it’s not and you don’t.

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