Science Sundays with John Duffield: Forensic Physics 101

You can spot propaganda and censorship by flicking between news channels, or by buying two newspapers. You don’t have to be an FBI hotshot to compare how the stories are slanted, or see which stories are conspicuous by their absence. When you get a totally different slant from the fracking Guardian as opposed to the Telegraph, you smell a rat. When the papers are full of hacking lawyers and the BBC doesn’t even mention it, again you smell a rat. But this time it isn’t just a sweaty little pissy smell, this time it’s the stench of something slowly liquefying under the floorboards.


But what would the amateur sleuth do if the BBC owned all the newspapers, along with Sky and Fox and everything else? Simple. Instead of playing spot the difference across “media space” you play spot the difference over time. And so it is with physics. Take a look at  Minkowski’s Space and Time dating from 1908. Towards the back is this:


“In the description of the field caused by the electron itself, then it will appear that the division of the field into electric and magnetic forces is a relative one with respect to the time-axis assumed; the two forces considered together can most vividly be described by a certain analogy to the force-screw in mechanics; the analogy is, however, imperfect.”


The electron has its electromagnetic field. This is associated with electric and magnetic force, which work something like a screw thread. If you have a pump-action screwdriver you’ll appreciate that linear force is converted into rotational force. That’s like an electric motor: current flows through the wire, and the motor turns. When you use an ordinary screwdriver, rotational force is converted into linear force, and the screw is driven into the wood. That’s like a dynamo: turn the rotor, and current flows. We even have the right-hand rule which applies not just to electromagnetism, but to screw threads. But you don’t usually hear about the screw nature of electromagnetism. Instead you tend to read about the electric field and the magnetic field as if they’re separate things rather than “two parts of the greater whole”. See section 11.10 of John Jackson’s Classical Electrodynamics for more on that. He says “one should properly speak of the electromagnetic field Fuv rather than E or B separately”. That’s E for electric field, usually drawn with radial field lines, and B for magnetic field, usually drawn with concentric field lines. To visualise that greater whole, you just combine the radial and concentric lines. Like this:



Once you get the gist of the screw nature of electromagnetism, things start falling into place. You read about gravitomagnetism and spot things like “there is a space-time vortex around Earth” and “if space is twisted”. You follow the lead back to Maxwell and you spot this: “a motion of translation along an axis cannot produce a rotation about that axis unless it meets with some special mechanism, like that of a screw”. And you spot Maxwell’s page title too, which is “The Theory of Molecular Vortices”. You realise what Faraday was on about, and you realise why spinors are called spinors. You find out about Dirac’s belt and start to get the gist of how it all works. An electron can be created along with its antiparticle the positron via a lab experiment called pair production. Out of light. And you can diffract the electron, because it’s made of light. Like it’s a knot of light, double-looping around through its own displacement current, continually displacing itself into a closed path. A bit like the line you draw around a Möbius strip. So what was an electromagnetic field-variation now looks like a standing field. Because it’s an optical vortex.  Yep, that fits. Especially since counter-rotating vortices attract, and co-rotating vortices repel. A cyclone is a vortex. If you could set down two cyclones next to one another they’d move linearly apart. If you could set down a cyclone near to an anticyclone rotating the other way, they’d move together. And if you could hurl the cyclone past the anticyclone, they’d swirl around one another too, like electrons and positrons do in positronium. A cyclone has intrinsic spin. So does an anticyclone. That’s what makes it what it is. Cancel one spin with the opposite spin, and all you’ve got is wind. An electron has intrinsic spin too. So does a positron. Cancel one spin with the opposite spin via electron-positron annihilation, and all you’ve got is light. It all makes sense.


But you don’t hear about the screw nature of electromagnetism. Or electromagnetic geometry, or vortex particles. It doesn’t feature in the standard model, where the electron is a “fundamental” particle. They tell you it’s some point-particle surrounded by a cloud of virtual photons popping in and out of existence. Spontaneously. Like worms from mud. As if hydrogen atoms twinkle, and magnets shine. What happened to the evanescent wave, which is a standing wave? What happened to the electron’s magnetic moment, the sort of thing you get when you spin something electric? What happened to the Einstein-de Haas effect which proves that the electron’s angular momentum is the same as ordinary angular momentum? No, the screw nature of electromagnetism just doesn’t feature any more because it’s been excommunicated. By the sort of people who are quoted in science articles warbling on about the multiverse, or the fabulous supersymmetric selectron. But you don’t have to be much of a physicist to spot that it’s missing, or get the gist of it, and then get the gist of puff-piece too.  You don’t have to be much of a detective to pass Forensics Physics 101.


And by the way, have you ever looked at a trefoil knot?

6 comments on “Science Sundays with John Duffield: Forensic Physics 101

  1. Skyvaheri Wolvenfell
    August 30, 2013 at 7:04 am #

    What complete and utter tripe. I don’t know just what it is you are trying to say here, but it is quite obvious that you know nothing about physics. How sad of an individual does one have to be in order to think this has anything to do with science…

  2. duffieldjohn
    August 30, 2013 at 11:27 am #

    How about if you point out where the physics is wrong, Sky?

    • kevinmoais
      October 1, 2013 at 8:34 pm #

      Hey John You ROCK! Here is a New Math I am working On… I am trying to use waves to Count!

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