Weekly RoundUp: 4th-10th August

Another week comes to an end at Bogpaper towers and now its time to reflect on the previous week.

Best of Bogpaper:

Sunday saw the first of our new Science segments with John Duffield on the topic of Fairytale Physics. Whilst Marx on Monday recounts his strange meeting with the President of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas. This week the Austrian Way asked a question that even Ron Paul struggles to answer, what the f*ck happened to Alan Greenspan. And Russell Taylor went head to head with RGTyler offering a different viewpoint on immigration and border control.

Newcomer to Bogpaper RentAQuil wrote on the strange death of the Magna Carta and Radio Free Delingpole welcomed special guest Katie Hopkins.

This week also saw the start of our Letters to the Editor to segment. In which we take the best of the emails, comment and tweets we get and post them here to encourage more engagement with our wonderful readers.

Best of the Rest:

From the Telegraph:  Douglas Carswell on foreign aid to Africa.

Steve Baker MP: On state regulation and the Free Market.


Book of the Week: Heavens on Earth: How To Create Mass Prosperity by JP Floru


Video of the Week:


Twit of the Week: Janan Ganesh on Godfrey Blooms speech…

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