Weekly RoundUp: 28th July – 3rd August

Another busy week at Bogpaper towers has seen a week of interesting posts ranging from Porn Blocks to Royal Babies and everything in between. It has also been an exciting week as we have started to expand and will be adding a new segment, Science on Sundays.

We are also proud to introduce this new weekly post. Our week in review in which we will be taking the best of Bogpaper.com and putting it next to the best of the rest. As well as a host of other finds from the depths of the internet that we think you may enjoy. So on with the post.

Best of Bogpaper:

From the start of the week we had a great post from resident leftie, Kevin Marx, on the birth of Royal Baby George. Our new technology blogger, James Eadon, wrote this week of how Mr Cameron’s porn filter proposals have already gone tits up as an idea. This weeks Thatcher on Thursday tackled the topic of feminism and how the movement has been hijacked by the left. New blogger RGTyler blogged this week on the Libertarian case for immigration and its benefits to the economy.

Best of the Rest:

On the Telegraph: Allister Heath on why Britain is playing catch-up with the USA and Daniel Hannan MEP celebrating Milton Friedman’s 101st Birthday with education vouchers.

On the Adam Smith institute Blog: Sam Bowman on the Wonga delusion and Church of England

On the Backbencher.co.uk: Christiana Annesley on the Anarcho-Capitalist arguments for the Monarchy and Gareth Shanks on the case for a Yorkshire Parliament.

Book of the Week: Unintended Consequence: Why Everything you’ve been told is Wrong. By Edward Conard The former managing director of Bain Capital.

Video of the Week: The Best of Ron Swanson the Patron Saint of Bogpaper.com

Twit of the Week: George Osborne likes the name of the new Royal Baby…

If you have any suggestions for future Twits of the Week, Books of the Week or Videos of the Week please do leave a comment below or get in touch with us on Twitter @TheBogpaper


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