Thatcher on Thursday: They Aren’t Feminists – Lady Thatcher Was a Feminist.

I’m a woman. I thought I would make that clear right now. However, to me, it would not matter if I was a man apart from my natural biological preferences (the incident on my school trip to Holland in 1985 is not relevant here…).

I wear bras. Thankfully, my mother was the one who burned hers. She and others did that so that I could choose what I wanted to do and what I wanted to think when I was older. And it worked. In 1979, our first and last Female Prime Minister walked through the doors of Number 10. Margaret Thatcher wasn’t elected because she had breasts and a vagina. She was elected because she was the best to do the job. That’s equality.

Fast forward 18 years and Labour, under the direction of Tony Blair’s Masters, sweep to power.

Now we see the sexism come into its own. No longer can women achieve in spite of being a woman, we have to have help. Women only short lists, quotas for women’s presence in the workplace… Yet somehow they convince people that this is equality. How is it equality? Men are discriminated against because a woman, by law has to be considered before him, and women are patronised because it appears we are not capable of competing on a level playing field.

In the UK, children are not discriminated against. Every child is entitled to a place at a school. Boy or girl. Of course, being biologically different, each sex has it’s statistical intellectual strengths and weaknesses. Couple that with each individual having their own strength and weakness and eventually, you have a society which produces enough of people to do the jobs that it requires. We have mothers, fathers, teachers, academics, binmen, soldiers, leaders, entrepreneurs, doctors, plumbers, coracle makers… the list goes on. My point here is that each individual is offered “equality of opportunity”. What the radical feminists who lurk in the corners of Twitter, The New Statesman, the Guardian and Newsnight want is “equality of outcome”.

They want everyone in the world to be the same and to think the same.

It isn’t going to happen, my little pink haired fascists.

Take, for example, the Radical Feminist stance on Lads Mags, like Nuts, Zoo et al. Whilst I enjoy reading the articles, (again, the Dutch incident is not relevant) they seem to be focussed on the women who make their living modelling, and therefore want to ban the Lads Magazines. They had a partial success this week with The Co-Op demanding “modesty bags” from the magazines. As I was displeased by the retailer’s proposed censorship, I drove past the Co-Op this week to buy my milk – I didn’t shop there. Just the same as the Fascist Feminists have the same choice as me not to purchase a product that they disagree with, but no, they want to censor what people think, see and do. They want to remove the CHOICE that was so hard won by my mother, her friends and contemporaries.

Why are they not targeting women’s magazines? The ones which have unnaturally thin models in? Surely they promote a worse example of what a woman’s body looks like than the busty and healthy women we see in Zoo and Nuts? So it can’t be about body image. It must be about silencing men, and raising the left wing woman’s agenda further. To move beyond equality…

The Ban Page 3 movement is another mine of hypocrisy. “Ban Page 3!!” they squeal. But in the next breath, they broadcast that they are Pro Choice about abortion, citing “My Body, My Choice”.

I’ll let you think about that one.

I once questioned someone about that. Before she blocked me, she revealed that it was Rupert Murdoch she was against, not the models. In other words, she despised the Capitalist so much that she was willing to remove other women’s individual choice over their own career and employer in the pursuit of a Socialist utopia.

Much has been written lately about the Fascist Feminists desire to control Twitter. Whilst I do not condone death threats and threats of rape, the simple answer is to block the abuser and move on or indeed, to close your account. No one forces you to use Twitter. I am curious, though, as to where the outrage was when Tommy Robinson of the EDL received such threats – in his case his children and mother have been threatened too. Is a rape threat only credible when it is against a Feminist? Does it not count if it is against a child of someone who holds a different opinion to you?

So this left wing agenda which is being pursued… yes, left wing – anti capitalist, controlling of media, feminisation of men – leaves me wondering why these women are not focussing on the serious issues like this, this, this, this and this that affect British women and girls in the UK in 2013.

Because they are cowards.

So, in conclusion, here’s a picture of what Nazis did to publications that they disapproved of.

Nazis illustrating their method of censorship

5 comments on “Thatcher on Thursday: They Aren’t Feminists – Lady Thatcher Was a Feminist.

  1. Christo
    August 1, 2013 at 10:32 am #

    On Newsnight two nights ago, the expert on womens’ issues stated in a considered manner that “men are raised to hate women” This went unchallenged by anyone, and it is not the first time I have heard it.

    Most men I know hold doors open for women, love them, respect them and marry them… sometimes more than one (in serial or in parallel). I don’t know any man at all who was raised to hate women. It seems like a strange thing for a mother to do to her child.

    But the assertion itself speaks mountains for where the real prejudice lies. Feminism as a word is sexist, and I have no problem with many of the successes of feminists past to bring us to the point where women already have better education and career outcomes than men (up to a certain age, for certain reasons). And while many noble people with noble aims use the word for the purpose of general equality, many others pursue a cause that is far from egalitarian. True equality is living by the same Rules, not as the brilliant and redoubtable Lady T alludes to above, equal Rewards irrespective of effort, ability or productivity.

  2. Radge
    August 1, 2013 at 11:50 am #

    ‘On Newsnight two nights ago, the expert on womens’ issues stated in a considered manner that “men are raised to hate women” This went unchallenged by anyone, and it is not the first time I have heard it.’

    I saw that and it was a jaw dropping moment. Not shocking that a feminazi would utter such a thing but that the presenter Gavin Esler(?) would let it pass unchallenged. To be kind, maybe he couldn’t believe what he was hearing but can you imagine the opposite being said and not being commented on?

  3. lastbritstanding
    August 1, 2013 at 10:34 pm #

    remember not all local co-operatives round the country are participating in Co-op Group’s lads mags embargo.


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