The Austrian Way: Hands off our houses moron George!

We hate central planning. We think it’s a waste of time, our money and normally creates new imbalances and rent-seeking constituencies within our economy.

We have more wisdom from central planners being rammed down our throats that at any other time in the modern era.

Just look at the percentage of our economy that is made up of public spending and the uneducated economic policy responses our leaders muddle together time and again.

However, we have recently seen a new vote-winning policy cranked out of this desperate, economically illiterate government that takes our amusement/despair to new levels.

Step forward Moron George and his ‘Help to Buy’ scheme.

Betting the house

What George Osborne’s wise and sincere new housing policy would have is that the government would deploy its balance sheet in yet another market it has no business of participating in: the domestic mortgage market.

The government would provide banks with a guarantee of up to 20 per cent of a mortgage, in the hope of simulating lending to riskier buyers with small deposits. Tax payers would be exposed to these mortgage defaults.

This policy has received pretty short shrift since its announcement, with our favourite rebuttal coming from a strategist called Albert Edwards, of French bank Societe Generale, best known amongst financial nerds with a cynical view of the fraudulent financial system.

Here’s Mr Edwards letting rip:

Why are houses too expensive in the UK? Too much debt. So what is George Osborne’s solution for first time buyers unable to afford housing? Why, arrange for a government guaranteed scheme to burden our young people with even more debt! Why don’t we call this policy by the name it really is, namely the indentured servitude of our young people…

When governments become market speculators

So, in an attempt to prop up house prices, the government becomes part of the market (again).

Do the brains in Whitehall not understand that the UK government is then ‘long property’? Not just long property, but long sub-prime property. The UK government then has direct exposure to house prices and direct financial incentives in keeping them high or manipulating them. This can be the start of a growing marriage between government and property as politicians become increasingly anxious to ensure house prices stay up and go up.

But, what role does our government have in being a property speculator?


We should leave the property market to Real Estate Investment Trusts, Middle Eastern Sheikhs, Candy brothers  and the masses to worry about.

And, as Mr Edwards also argues so well, it’s another policy that means the whims of today are paid for future generations of debt slaves.

It didn’t work before and it won’t this time

We also have a handy blueprint to look at regarding this policy.

It comes in the form of a decade and a half of government interference in the US housing market by presidents Clinton, Bush Jr. and their central banker uber-personality Sir Alan Greenspan, starting in the later 1990s.

How’d it go then?

A range of Government-Sponsored Enterprises called Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and Ginnie Mae started mortgaging people who couldn’t afford what they were buying. Warm, fluffy, public-minded thoughts superseded cool, calculated lending practices and profit motives.

This increased availability of credit got house prices moving faster than they should. This moving house price gravy train then attracted ever more ingenious lenders to game the rules and credit scoring system, who were then followed by even more ingenious bankers who worked out how to package these duff mortgages into shitty parcels to pass onto greater fools, usually the other side of the Atlantic or in Japan.

This bubble grew and grew until it burst, nearly crashing the global financial system.

It all started with central planners meddling with houses.

Whatever you think of certain parasitic bankers they are just agents in a system where the biggest ripples are caused by wise central bankers and politicians.

Please do NOT repeat history!

Listen here, George.

The fact that such a policy could come out of this government is testament to the sheer desperation of not just this administration but generally of today’s central planners.

You are still holding shares in UK mega-banks on our national balance sheet that were floored by a recent US soviet-style property planning experiment.

Use them as glowing reminder of what happens when meddlers like you, digital Dave and thick Nick mess with our markets and houses.

Get your hands off my house George!

10 comments on “The Austrian Way: Hands off our houses moron George!

  1. vincentjappi
    June 11, 2013 at 11:30 am #

    Vat does this haf to do vif Austria?
    It’s not efen specifically Austrian economics!

  2. Apparent bigot
    June 11, 2013 at 2:57 pm #

    Whilst morons like Paul Krugman are still getting air time as supposed geniae we are all still doomed! The ship is still sinking under the Keynesian watch… Let’s run, buy gold, pay off debts and get ready for the next era!

  3. jazz606
    June 11, 2013 at 7:21 pm #

    It’s really depressing to live in a country run by thick bastards.

  4. silverminer
    June 11, 2013 at 9:39 pm #

    It’s worse than that. Edwards has it right. This is deliberate policy to line the bankers pockets, protect their balance sheets and keep us all in debt slavery. Higher house prices mean bigger loans, more interest and bigger profits. We’re being bled dry by design.

  5. Fred Donnigan
    June 13, 2013 at 8:46 am #

    How can we opt out of this system then and call a time on this farce?

    Is it voting with our money? At the ballot box? By going off shore? By not buying houses?

    It all feels un-natural, unhealthy and like a massive perversion of the economy the ways things are now.

    • silverminer
      June 13, 2013 at 9:18 am #

      Remortgage at 75% LTV on a 10 year fixed rate, pay off all other debts, buy gold & silver with what’s left, store it overseas outside the banking system, keep nothing but an overdraft in the bank, vote UKIP, try to wake up a few of the Sheeple, pray for the return of sanity…

  6. jdseanjd
    June 14, 2013 at 3:14 pm #

    This is such a good article. It hits the nail right on the head of moronic George.

    It is truly incredible that the financially & economically illiterate Osbourne plans to repeat the sub prime fiasco that crashed the world’s economy in 2008.

    The fiasco that was planned & engineered by the FED more than the pathetic politicians nominally in control in the mad USA.

    For what I believe is an accurate summary of our present global problems, please try

    First the problem, then the Movie, 2 hrs but worth it, of peaceful solution suggestions.

    The really worrying thing is that Obarmy is as economically illiterate as Moron George, & has control of the most powerful war machine on the planet, & is happily being led by the central bankers up the marxist path to their catastrophic NWO.


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