Month: April 2013

Marx on Monday: Jeremiah A Wright

After I received my welfare check last week I celebrated, as I usually do, by going out for a few beers. At the end of the night I had a few food stamps left in my wallet so went to get something healthy to eat. I ended up, as I often do, in the House

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“Toujours l’attaque!” said Napoleon. Always attack.

“Toujours l’attaque!” said Napoleon. Always attack. He was right. Now more than ever. In our politically correct culture of egg-shell-treading, mealy-mouthed, career safety the way to catch the enemy off balance is not by playing their cautious, defensive game but by attacking them head on – a bit like Napoleon used to do with his

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How broke is your state?

Thanks to Michael Johnston who sent this great infographic in, courtesy of

Russell Taylor: In praise of people

The Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee recently threatened the Football Association, the Premier League and the Football League with intrusive legislation unless it becomes more ‘diverse’ and ‘inclusive’. If football clubs were embezzling fans or people trafficking, I’d be in favour of legal action, but there’s nothing indisputably right and proper about diversity and

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Marx on Monday: Agenda 21

Can you believe that, in spite of overwhelming evidence that global warming is not only happening but is entirely caused by man-made carbon emissions, there are still some people out there who are climate change deniers? Luckily for the future of our planet President Obama is not one of them. Luckily he has the vision

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Gold is the new climate change.

Gold is the new climate change, I’m beginning to think.  By which I mean that the version of events you read in the mainstream media is so different from the one you read on the net it’s like travelling between parallel universes. Just now I was reading an article in one of the papers listing

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Winning essay: Why government stimulus spending is a bad thing and why you should care

By Simon Roberts Congratulations Simon!   It’s common today to hear politicians in the US and the UK say that the government should spend money in order to stimulate the economy. Their logic is that government projects create jobs, which means that more people have money to spend, and that this stimulates economic growth. Sounds

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Marx on Monday – Gun toting Republicans

As an Englishman I have to admit that, like my compatriot Piers Morgan, I struggle to understand the American obsession with guns. Like Piers, I am greatly relieved that President Obama is going to do something about it. Great politicians throughout the ages have realised the folly of allowing huge swathes of their citizens to

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Bogpaper competition winner announced!

Hurrah! Finally we can announce the winner of Bogpaper’s essay competition. The challenge, you may remember, was to describe in language even an idiot can understand why it is that government spending cannot magically create jobs or boost the economy. Here at Bogpaper Towers we were hugely impressed by the range and quality of the

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Essay competition results – coming today!

Thanks to the overwhelming number of entries to James’ essay competition, we are only just coming to the end of reading all of your great submissions. Stay tuned later today to find out who the winner is! Ed.