Marx on Monday: Paying for a kebab with dignity…and benefits

What kind of a society do we live in where mothers on benefits have to miss meals so that their children can eat?

It happened to my partner, Sharon, only yesterday afternoon. She was in Waitrose buying a few necessaries – (twelve cans of lager; a couple of packets of fags; a Euromillions lucky dip; a Rich for Life scratchcard, a mobile phone top up, a copy of Heat magazine and a packet of Pop Tarts for the kids’ breakfast.) She’d had nothing to eat all day except a McDonalds’ Happy Meal, a packet of custard creams , four Greggs sausage rolls and a mars bar so, feeling a bit peckish, she put a couple of packets of salt and vinegar Snack a Jacks into the shopping trolley. She then went to the till only to find she was £1.20p short. She needed to put something back. It was a straight choice between the Snack a Jacks and the Pop Tarts so, being a good mother, Sharon put the Snack a Jacks back and missed out on her meal.

Society should be ashamed of itself, because selfish rich people refuse to pay more tax so that the government can increase the jobseekers allowance, most single  mothers struggling to raise a family on benefits have to make personal sacrifices so that the kids have something to eat when they get back from school – and they usually come home starving because they haven’t been able to eat their free school meals, thanks to Jamie Oliver (not one of our own) replacing turkey twizzlers, chips and treacle sponge pudding with rice, salad and fruit – how do you expect kids to eat that filth?

Mothers missing meals is a real problem in society. I saw a woman on TV last week explaining that, for her, it’s a straight choice – either she eats or the kids do. She was a single parent struggling to raise four kids on benefit, with absolutely no help from any of the kids’ four different dads. The interview took place in her front room and you could see the classic signs of poverty all around her – the standard Sky TV box, the cheap and nasty mobile phone on the coffee table, an empty Snappy (not Dominos) Pizza box on the floor and, worst of all, a non-flat screen TV. She was a big lady, around about eighteen stone, and it brought a tear to my eye as she explained that she sometimes misses up to eight meals a day to make sure the kids have healthy fast food for supper – but does Cameron care? No, all he cares about are tax cuts for millionaires.

Rich people are always bleating on and on about how much tax they pay. I bumped into that public school educated, tax dodging, so-called comedian Jimmy Carr (not one of our own) in a kebab shop near Trafalgar Square the other day and told him a few home truths.

“Your tax dodging antics are stealing the food out of the mouths of the poor,” I gave him both barrels.

“I suppose you want to return to the 1970s when the rich paid 98% supertax,” he snootily replied.

“No posh boy,” I said, “they should pay 100% tax, then the government will have enough money to increase benefits for society’s most vulnerable people,  as well as investing in our schools, hospitals, prisons, local leisure facilities and public transport – it’s only fair.”

“But the rich don’t use any of those things,” said Jimmy, “they don’t claim benefits, they send their kids to private schools, they have private health insurance, most of them don’t go to prison, they belong to private leisure clubs and drive everywhere. What’s fair about them paying tax for things they don’t use?”

“We all do it Jimmy,” I explained, “it’s called social responsibility. The government spends part of my taxes on grants for the Royal Opera House, which I don’t use, but you don’t hear me bleating on about that.”

“Your taxes,” he said, “what tax do you pay?”

“I’m in between jobs at the moment,” I told him.

“So let me get this right,” said Jimmy, “I work ten hours a day, seven days a week, fifty two weeks of the year, and I ought to pay most, if not all, of what I earn in tax so that people like you can sit around watching telly all day?”

“Without people like me watching telly you TV celebrities wouldn’t exist,” I said, “and if you expect me to go and watch your concerts or buy your DVDs you’ll have to pay more taxes so that I get more benefit money, it’s called Keynesian economics.”

“Maybe I should pay for your kebab then?” he said, pulling out a fiver.

“I don’t want your money,” I replied, “I’ve still got my dignity, I’ll pay for my own kebab out of my own jobseekers allowance,” and I did – that showed him!


5 comments on “Marx on Monday: Paying for a kebab with dignity…and benefits

  1. John Richardson
    December 17, 2012 at 6:29 pm #

    Part of our problem is the scum-MSM.
    They lie about ‘social justice’, welfare etc etc and they are conscious liars. Every journalist must personally know people who are more than comfortable and decide to live off others ie on benefits.

    Until the scum-MSM are identified as liars who know that they are twisting reality; then it will be difficult to honestly debate ANY national issue.

  2. Chris
    December 18, 2012 at 7:46 pm #

    Funny because it’s sooo true.

  3. netcontributor1
    December 18, 2012 at 7:51 pm #

    Brilliant. just recently found bogpaper thanks to a twitter mention. Thankyou for for the heads up Delingpoles.

  4. West Tipp
    December 19, 2012 at 6:18 am #

    We have the same problem here in Ireland. The Middleclass are busting their asses working day in day out running small and medium businesses. We keep the recipients of longterm welfare payments in very rude health – (the number of allowances are unreal. They have done the research, for many middleincome earners it makes sense not to work and to draw all the wonderful state benefits! As well these citizens are raising their children to enjoy the “Welfare Lifestyle”. It doesn’t make sense. The Middleclass are the working poor
    and the longterm Welfare recipients lead a very comfortable existence of Xfactor, cannies and lie ins.

    Yesterday afternoon in our local town in Co.Kildare. I was getting cash out. A lady have a cigaretter by the ATM (ironically who was English -she must have heard about our welfare lifestyle), yelled at me “will you give me 2 Euro” -. I thought about it and went over to her and said ” there is a huge tract of Irish society – called middle ireland, we are paying for this recession, many of us bought houses between 2003 – 2008 and have lost as much as 70% off the value of our homes. Many have lost jobs, and are no longer hanging on by a thread anymore, we are going under. We are a lost generation, well and truly s******. We will all be paying for Christmas on our Credit Cards. Well she looked at me and said ” I am very sorry for you”!

  5. jazz606
    January 22, 2013 at 11:08 pm #

    Only one criticism. Sharon is unlikely to shop in Waitrose which is the preserve of the middle class. She is more likely to be found in Tesco or Asda.

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