A Mission Statement for Britain

Wow, Bogpaper Towers is on fire! We’ve got another guest contributor joining us – The Commonwealth Crusader.


As Britain inevitably and inexorably distances itself from a centralised, undemocratic and sclerotic Europe and begins to make good the grievous errors made since 1945, it is necessary to put in place a new structure, or rather to revert to a previous structure.

It was the parliaments of the core Commonwealth countries that voted without hesitation to support Britain in the struggles of both WWI and WWII. It was these countries that mobilised and made victory possible. England did not stand alone; it was generously supported by the Commonwealth and we must never forget the two and a half million Indians who volunteered and fought for Britain’s cause during 1939-45, a massive contribution without which the story might be very different. But why do we not stand together now?

On a fateful occasion in December 1945 John Maynard Keynes surrendered both Imperial Preference and a pegged Sterling/Dollar in return for a US loan to Britain. At a stroke not only was Britain’s trading and financial position undermined but we also turned our backs on our most loyal allies and trading partners, and wandered off on a fruitless search for the European pipedream. J M Keynes was the one man who would have understood the consequences of the deal made with the Americans. It would turn out to be a devastating blow committed by a much applauded intellect. It is true that Russia’s agenda starkly portrayed by the Berlin Airlift and subsequent formation of NATO also distracted our attention as we contended with the Cold War.

As Britain’s fortunes declined following nationalisation and misgovernment, and despite being the largest beneficiary of Marshall Aid our Foreign Office and successive governments began to slip towards a European ‘solution’. We now have to make good the muddling of the last 60 years.

A Commonwealth Defence Force must be created with shared leadership, costs, and responsibilities. To consolidate this structure we need to return to a common travel area between the core Commonwealth countries with whom Britain’s current permanent seat on the UN Security Council would be shared on a rotating basis. We would have a defence capability of, say, three operational carrier fleets, a meaningful force that can work for good around the globe. Organisations such as BAE Systems need to be part of a Commonwealth defence industry. Enough time and energy has already been wasted with Europe.

This may seem a military solution, but it is not; it is a social solution of a group of nations of like minded people. Once this dynamic and long term strategy has been re-established the rest falls into place. We lost our way after 1945. We must now return to the liberal democracies that England created, which have been anchors of sanity during troubled times, and bind ourselves together again to avoid the same mistake. The world will be a safer place. If Britain’s politicians do not have the gumption to do the necessary, we must turn to the Commonwealth leaders. We already share the same formidable Head of State.

This is not a search of greatness or a dream but a formula for common sense, security and well being, providing a long term strategy for the Commonwealth core members and to the benefit of the world at large. The European venture was never meant for Britain; we with our partners have a more important mission.

Perhaps this is a mission statement for the UKIP Party.



6 comments on “A Mission Statement for Britain

  1. Mike
    December 5, 2012 at 5:34 pm #

    “ But why do we not stand together now?” ‘Cos you shat on us and eeny, meany, miny moe went with Europe as your new best friends mate. And since then we’ve subsequently been forced to develop other markets and form other alliances – notably with the Chinese – so what on earth makes you think we could now be interested in returning to what would only be an abusive and preyed upon relationship with a morally corrupt and festering sh*thole like the UK?

    I’m in New Zealand by the way, and where a former PM in the 1930’s – Michael Joseph Savage – once famously said: “where England goes,we go” Please G*d, not any more.

  2. right_writes
    December 5, 2012 at 9:49 pm #

    “Perhaps this is a mission statement for the UKIP?”

    It is…

    Under policies on the UKIP website is:

    “Be the Party of the Commonwealth.

    UKIP will seek to establish a Commonwealth Free Trade Area (CFTA) with the 53 other Commonwealth countries. The Commonwealth Business Council estimates that a CFTA would account for more than 20% of all international trade and investment, facilitating annual trade exchanges worth more than $1.8 trillion and direct foreign investment worth about $100bn. Yet the Commonwealth has been shamefully betrayed and neglected by previous governments. Commonwealth nations share a common language, legal and democratic systems, account for a third of the world’s population and a quarter of its trade, with the average age of a citizen just 25 years. India, for example, will soon become the second largest world economy and Britain should not be tied to the dead political weight of the European Union, but retain its own friendly trading and cultural links.”

  3. Skippy
    December 6, 2012 at 9:00 pm #

    A militaristic solution to boost the Commonwealth is too naive, for it allows a Central Govt bent on the Commonwealth’s irrelevance to control it. Better to prompt people and free trade to force the issue. Have our expat businesses demand the UK provide a security guarantee to our Commonwealth allies in order to keep their Govt’s honest and to have a real purpose to contingency operations.

    What I do like is the Commonwealth’s potential to counter a US-Sino bi-polar world. Is it time to ditch a ‘Special Relationship’ which does not exist?

  4. Bob catley
    December 7, 2012 at 8:06 pm #

    Too late, mate.

  5. zbcustom
    December 8, 2012 at 6:15 pm #

    You dumped us. You stopped buying our butter, fruit and other produce. You made us queue in the aliens line at Heathrow. We’ve had to make other arrangements. You can bugger off.

  6. Gazza
    January 22, 2013 at 1:53 am #

    Mike and ZBcustom are correct. The UK shat on the commonwealth, particularly NZ and Australia when the Poms decided to kiss up to Europe and give its colonies and allies the flick.

    So now its not turned out so good, you want to kiss and make up? Nah, we don’t need you anymore.

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