The total subjugation of Europe – Farage, again!

3 comments on “The total subjugation of Europe – Farage, again!

  1. right_writes
    October 25, 2012 at 7:52 am #

    Every time I see these videos by Farage, I have to listen a second time…

    …the first time I am transfixed by the similarities between those dreadful old Commies that used to line up and watch the parliament or the annual “May Day” march past… and their modern counterparts Rompuy, Barosso, Shultz and the rest, they usually seemed to take place in winter, presumably their waxen faces would melt in the summer.

    The second time, I hear what he has to say, and am frankly a little disappointed because, whilst I know I am listening, I am concerned that few others are.

  2. dr
    October 25, 2012 at 9:28 am #

    I believe that it is the case that both Nigel Farage and Dan Hannan are in the wrong parliament.
    My understanding is that Mr Farage would probably agree with that statement and Mr Hannan would disagree. I don’t wish or mean to misrepresent their views.
    It looks to me that they both deliver typically excellent speeches, that are quite frankly, ignored by almost everyone in the chamber. Most of the videos of Mr Hannan speaking on Youtube seem to show him speaking to a practically empty parliament.
    I simply don’t think that there is a majority of continental Europeans who want to actively oppose the creation of a single country – the federal superstate. In the U.k. the opinion polls suggest that a majority of British people now want Britain to leave the EU and forge a relationship with other developed countries on a global scale, eg. Japan, Brazil, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Kuwait, Qatar, Norway and Switzerland, together with other Anglosphere or Commonwealth nations.
    It seems to me that the best place for Mr Farage and Mr Hannan to be to facilitate that objective is the House of Commons, rather than the European parliament, since they would more effectively pressurise the U.k. government.
    Maybe if Britain demonstrates that “life outside the EU is possible” then maybe other countries, (perhaps the Czech Republic) will consider striving for a new relationship with the EU/ Federal Superstate.
    I do wonder though, about Nigel Farage’s anecdote about his conversation with Chancellor Merkel. He asked her if Greece could be allowed to leave the Eurozone, and she said that Greece must be stopped from leaving, because if it does, then many countries will want to leave and that will mean the end of “the project”. I wonder whether the same logic would be applied to the U.k. and the EU. If we left, would other countries want to follow, and so would the EU significantly fight any request that we made for an exit, or if we left through repeal of the European Communities Act, whether the EU would attempt to punish Britain for leaving through refusing a free trade deal. We have seen that EU politicians seem comfortable with allowing economic damage as a price for saving “the project” eg. Greece, Spain, so I wonder if they would accept damage to EU exports to the U.k. as a deterrent to any other country contemplating a similar path.

    • Boudicca
      November 8, 2012 at 7:20 am #

      The EU will fight with all its might to keep the UK in the EU – because if we leave, its credibility will be shot to pieces and because we are the second largest net contributor (in money – France ‘contributes’ by sending French bureaucrats to work in the Berlaymont).

      I would imagine that is why Cameron repeatedly asserts that he believes the UK must be in the EU …. he has been warned what will happen if he says otherwise.

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