Month: July 2012

Debt Bomb! Debt Bomb! Debt Bomb!

Thanks to our friend Simon Rose over at Save Our Savers for bringing this to our attention. Excellent short video to cheer up this grey Tuesday morning!

Held hostage by the banks

Read the original article here. For the last two weeks here in the UK, TV stations have been running a documentary series called Bank of Dave, in which down-to-earth businessman Dave Fishwick attempts to establish his own bank. The premise sounds plausible: offer depositors 5% interest (as opposed to zero), and lend to credible small businesses

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Why listen to Keynes?

Read the original article here In a recent BBC News article, philosopher John Gray asks the quaint but otherwise vain question of what would John Maynard Keynes do in today’s economic slump. I call the question vain because practically every Western government has followed Keynes’ prescribed remedy for the so-called Great Recession. Following the financial

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Gold is ‘Good Money’

Money is Technology!

Here on Bogpaper we often discuss the need to own gold, but today we take a look at it’s more volatile cousin – silver. Below, Byron King argues that money is technology and our current form is failing. We need to get back to basics and that means silver. You can read the original article

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Happy interventionists

…The economists’ attack on your property Another great offering from Detlev Schlichter over at Paper Money Collapse. Last week, the Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (DIW), or German Institute for Economic Research, an influential think tank, proposed an ingenious solution to the Euro Zone debt crisis. The German government should issue aZwangsanleihe, a compulsory bond that every

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James Delingpole: Red pill, blue pill

Following our chat with the man himself last week, James Delingpole wrote a great blog piece (posted at the Telegraph yesterday) with the same name and similar themes to our discussion. In the post below, James explains why we all need to take the red pill – and the information which will be revealed in

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Fraud – Why the great recession

A friend of Bogpaper sent over this ‘crowd-funded’ documentary last week. Plenty of individuals who we often feature on our own site appear in the video – from Steve Baker MP to Toby Baxendale of the Cobden Centre. Not all of us here at Bogpaper Towers have seen it yet so we won’t give too

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Bogpaper podcast with James Delingpole – the Red or the Blue pill?

In what we hope will be the first of many podcasts for Bogpaper, Jan Skoyles and James Delingpole have a chat in the sunshine  about the the parallel universes which we seem to be flipping between at the moment. James wonders whether, as Neo did, whether he should take the red or the blue pill.

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Two simple steps to transform the culture of banking and to forecast the next outrage

Yet another great offering from UK Parliament’s answer to Dr Ron Paul, Steve Baker. It’s time to privatise commercial risk in banking and insist on prudent accounts. Government should: Eliminate moral hazard from the financial system by implementing this measure to make bank directors strictly liable without limit and to treat as capital both directors’ personal bonds

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