Month: June 2012

The unavoidable economic catastrophe

L: So Doug, you’re off to FreedomFest 2012 shortly, where people will be able to hear your latest thoughts on many subjects. Maybe you can give us a sneak preview on whatever is uppermost on your mind today. Doug: FreedomFest should be especially outrageous, since I’ll be tag-teaming with my friend Jeff Berwick of the Dollar Vigilante for a featured

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Radio Free Delingpole – Gold Buggery

Yesterday the clever people at The Real Asset Company, founders of the Buy Britain’s Gold Back campaign, were invited onto the wonderful James Delingpole‘s Ricochet podcast.

In this friendly chat amongst Ralph, Will, Jan and James discuss why gold is an important asset, why countries such as China are buying up lots of gold and what will happen to the future of the financial system. James thinks we’re looking at ‘apocalypse now’ type scenarios, the others aren’t sure. What do you think?

Listen here:

Radio Free Delingpole – Gold Buggery

Citizens begin to feel the heat

Today, we bring you a commentary piece from The Real Asset Company, supporters of the brilliant Buy Britain’s Gold Back campaign. We suspect we will begin to hear of even more results of surveys showing disgruntled citizens as the year goes on. Results of various surveys released this week showed both economic confidence and faith

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The government’s plan to steal your money

The issue of capital controls, and the potential of their being placed across the eurozone in the coming months, is a topic gaining much heat and debate of late. Below, we bring you the best of the commentary pieces on this matter. Below, the author explains what capital controls are, how they can be used

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Reflections on the causes of crises from one of America’s top bankers

Last night, some of us from Bogpaper Towers went along to a superb event run by the Adam Smith Institute. There, John Allison, Chairman of BB&T bank, spoke to us about the financial crisis and why regulation and government were the main culprits. Earlier in the week he wrote a piece for London’s CityAM, which

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QE and the European Debt Crisis

Our good friend Dr Tim Evans, from the Cobden Centre, sent over these very amusing clips from the Clarke and Dawe show. They’re both a couple of years old but still as valid now as they were then. The ability of these two men to demonstrate the sheer absurdity of the current economic situation is brilliant.


Is Owen Paterson MP the soundest politician in Britain?

The wonderful James Delingpole has written an exclusive piece for Bogpaper this week. Below, he asks, is Tory MP Owen Paterson the soundest politician in Britain? Here at we place a high value on soundness. Sound money, sound thinking, sound policy – without them we’re stuffed. Until soundness is restored to our economy, our

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10 steps to drachmageddon

So it seems the ‘Grexit’ from the Euro has been delayed once again. But plenty have been asking what will happen should they leave the Eurozone. The Sunday Times this week provided an excellent and quick ten step guide to such an occurrence. It was written by Kathryn Cooper: INTRODUCE DRACHMA – The Greek government would pass

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Is debt immoral?

Gosh what a question! Here at Bogpaper Towers, we probably lean on the affirmative answer to this question. But after listening to Simon Rose’s excellent performance in this, we can see both sides of the argument. The Moral Maze, a radio 4 programme (link below) this week presents a debate as to the morality of

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Iceland’s stunning comeback gives Eurozone food for thought

It’s interesting just quite how little Iceland is mentioned these days. Whilst the Eurozone’s leaders fight against the chance of total collapse, perhaps they should look to Iceland for a ‘what if…’ scenario. Allister Heath explains: GUESS which developed country could enjoy the fastest growth this year? Come on? Alright, then – it’s Iceland. Its

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