End of the Road: How money became worthless

Here at Bogpaper Towers we were given the heads up about a new film coming our way which sounds like something which is right up the street of you Bogpaperites.

The film, End of the Road, paints an alternative picture to the financial crisis to the picture which the mainstream media and politicians try and show us every day.

In classic documentary format the film’s cast list is made up of Austrian economists and contrarian investors, all of whom have been predicting the appearance of the ‘End of the Road’ sign for many years now.

Check out the trailer below

Wall street is being occupied. Europe is collapsing in on itself. Around the world, people are consumed by fear and anger, and one question is on everyone’s lips: Is the financial crisis over, or are we headed towards economic disaster?

End of the Road is a 55 minute documentary film that chronicles the global financial collapse. Told in an entertaining and easy to follow style, the film tells the story of how the world came to be in such a state, from the seeds sown after WWII, to the current troubles facing us today, and to the possible future that may await us all. Some of the world’s top economic minds share the hidden tale behind the mishandling of the world’s finances, give insight into how bad policy and a flawed monetary system joined together to create a catastrophe.

End of the Road portrays eleven influential commentators within the finance and investment communities, as they share their knowledge of our current financial structure. Through each of their narratives, a story is built which chronicles the current economic dilemma and paints a picture of the world’s financial future

We’re off to buy the full film now!

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