Month: May 2012

Gold Wars book review from Steve Baker MP

If you haven’t read Gold Wars, then we highly recommend it. We often recommend it to people, it’s a feature on the bookshelf of Bogpaper Towers, and we wish more politicians had read it. Steve Baker MP, is ahead of the pack when it comes to understanding the flaws in our monetary system, he has

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Buy Britain’s Gold Back makes it on to Russia Today!

  The Buy Britain’s Gold Back campaign which we told you about last week, has had an amazing response! They’ve now got their own website which you can check out here – And they were featured on the Keiser Report, check it out here!

End of the Road: How money became worthless

Here at Bogpaper Towers we were given the heads up about a new film coming our way which sounds like something which is right up the street of you Bogpaperites. The film, End of the Road, paints an alternative picture to the financial crisis to the picture which the mainstream media and politicians try and

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How the Rich get Richer

Poor Zuckerberg. He’s got all those Facebook shares. And they’re dropping in price. The stock closed a $31 yesterday… down 30% from the post IPO-high… and then kept sinking… It was down to $30 in afterhours trading. What did you expect? The company has sales of $4 billion. IF… IF… it were able to claw

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James Delingpole: How I became a 24-carat goldbug

Friend of Bogpaper, James Delingpole, came out as a fully fledged goldbug this week in his Spectator magazine. We of course all knew he was a goldbug because he spoke to us about it a while back. But it’s excellent to see it in print, and his support of Buy Britain’s Gold Back campaign. If

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Campaign to “Buy Britain’s Gold Back”

Here at Bogpaper Towers we strongly believe individuals need to start working hard to protect themselves against hyperinflation and other effects from the abuse of the fiat money system. Central banks have been making it quite clear since 1971 that their actions are not for the long-term benefits of savers and the average citizen, however

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The wages of sin taxes

Taken from the Adam Smith Institute, the below looks at the costs and benefits of sin taxes. We would be interested to know what you think of their views. Read the original post here. “Sin taxes” on cigarettes and alcohol are designed to boost revenue, not improve public health Minimum alcohol pricing will exacerbate poverty

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Uncivilised anonymous

Bogpaper’s very own Jan Skoyles has written the piece below, it originally appeared on The Real Asset Co’s pages, but they’re a nice bunch and they let us share it with our fellow Bogpaperites.   ‘Civilized people don’t buy gold’ Charlie Munger, vice-president of Berkshire Hathaway Hi, I’m Jan and I’m uncivilised. Becoming uncivilised was

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Austerity explained

In today’s suggested read Gary North, of libertarian website, explains the meaning of austerity and puts the media straight on their misunderstanding of the word. Read the original article here. The Keynesians and declared anti-Keynesians have joined hands in order to promote an intensely Keynesian error: European fiscal austerity as a negative factor. One

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Happy Birthday MPC!

A fun video to finish off the Bank Holiday week. The MPC committee is 15 years old this week and after yet another disappointing decision by the MPC ysterday we thought it relevant to bring this video to you. This interesting movie has been created by the rather excellent Save Our Savers. Visit their website

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