Guest Post: The Economics Spring

The Renegade Economist is an excellent website with a similar philosophy to Bogpaper. As we would like to do the often publish contributed commentaries. If you would be interested in contributing please get in touch (

Today’s recommended read carries on the theme of yesterday’s short film: economists need to swallow their pride and realise it’s just not working out right now, their line of thought has to widen and change direction. Dan Gay, an economist himself, discusses the ‘ongoing spat’ between some economics professors, he focuses on the recent Krugamn vs Keen.

He points out that this isn’t just a spat between ‘balding professors’ this is ‘a crucial and deep-seated methodological conflict that goes to the heart of how we theorise about society and the economy. And because it’s economics, which affects things like how much people have to eat and how hard we work, it’s much more important than your normal academic showdown.’

If you would like to read the article, see it here at the Renegade Economist.

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