Month: April 2012

The separation of money and state

It’s clear now that here at Bogpaper Towers we are big fans of Paper Money Collapse author Detlev Schlichter. Mr. Schlichter has a superb way of explaining issues in the current financial system, in a way that is entirely accessible to the masses. After writing his book Mr Schlichter is frequently asked what should be

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The personal is the economic

In this great speech by Lew Rockwell, libertarian and former Chief of Staff to Ron Paul, he outlines why we need to approach economics    in a totally different manner that which the mainstream do.  Austrian economics, the stream which we promote here, is the economics of human action. It is not a form of

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Guest Post: Ben Bernanke’s Paper Dollar Embodies Systemic Risk

Read the original article at The Daily Reckoning. The paper dollar is now the single most important source of systemic risk to the financial system, the world economy, and the security of the American people. That is the lesson of the past 100 years that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke did not teach during his four

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Radio: What is money?

Here at Bogpaper Towers our attention has just been brought to a rather good BBC Radio 4 programme which was broadcast back in March. Frances Stonor Saunders asks ‘What is money?’, in her quest to find out she covers what makes money, is it even worth the paper it’s printed on? She also explores some

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Detlev Schlichter: Why gold is my favourite asset

Today we bring you a great new blog piece from Detlev Schlichter, author of Paper Money Collapse. We have posted some of his work before and will continue to do so in the near future, mainly because his musings are extremely accessible for those new to the world of Austrian economics and libertarian thinking. In

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New video: Irish Constitution halts Sheriff

We must be going a little mad here at Bogpaper Towers with Spring on it’s way, we thought we had shown you the two videos below a long time ago! But it looks like we hadn’t so please watch these and appreciate how powerful knowledge and information can be to anyone. But also just quite

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Guest Post: UK is wrong to have turned its back on individual freedom

Here at Bogpaper Towers in London we are always impressed with the libertarian and Austrian views of City A.M’s editor Allister Heath. In yesterday’s column he argues that it is about time ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom’ became a part of UK political debate. He believes that the longer the government and authorities continue to make decisions for us,

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Guest Post: The Economics Spring

The Renegade Economist is an excellent website with a similar philosophy to Bogpaper. As we would like to do the often publish contributed commentaries. If you would be interested in contributing please get in touch ( Today’s recommended read carries on the theme of yesterday’s short film: economists need to swallow their pride and realise

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New video: Financial Instability Micro-doc

We’ve been posting quite a few videos here at Bogpaper but, quite simply, they are often the best way to understand and get a message across.

In this ‘micro-doc’ a series of economists, journalists, pscyhoanalysts and other experts discuss neoclassical economics (the branch of economics used today to form economic policies) and how it is based on incorrect foundations. They also make the valid point that economists need to work with others; historians, psychologists, financial analysts etc to try and understnad how humans and markets really do work without basing it on an idealogical theory and instead form a new branch of economics which is built on the right foundations.

Guest Post: Titanic – the ship that sank the gold standard

Taken from The Real Asset Co’s website, this brief article draws the parallels between the stewards of the Titanic and the stewards of our monetary system. Read the original article here. 100 years ago tomorrow, at 2.20am the maiden voyage of the ill-fated RMS Titanic came to an abrupt end killing 1,522 people. The events

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