Month: February 2012

The failure of mechanistic economics

We found this great article from Hugo Salinas-Price. We’ve talked before on Bogpaper about the issues with the current line of mainstream economic thinking. Here, Mr Salinas-Price discusses it further relating economic thought to physics.   The first requirement for successful action upon the physical world is correct information about the facts upon which we

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Douglas Carswell interviewed by Jan Skoyles


James Delingpole discusses

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Austrian economics and Liberty

Are you sat there looking at the news feeling like you’re experiencing déjà vu but this time it’s much, much worse? We have seen several financial traumas and crises over the years – the Winter of Discontent in the 1980s, the Russian process of demonetization in the early 1990s, the 1997 Asian financial crisis which

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Gold, Silver and Liberty

In this article from The Real Asset Co’s Will Bancroft the issue of liberty in regard to our monetary system is examined. At present we operate on a fiat money system which is damaging to our liberty and freedom. There is much debate in the mainstream today about the apparent reasons for the on-going financial

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Mr King won’t be retiring

Last week, to no one’s surprise, the Bank of England announced they would be increasing the size of their asset purchase programme by £50bn. This is equivalent to 22% of GDP or £12,500 per household. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all just print our own £12,500? Part of me suspects that this would

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